A Diagnosis and its Lesson

Disclaimer: I’m sharing this for a few reasons. One, to extend the same transparency and vulnerability I encourage others to have. Two, to get out of my comfort zone, just as God has called me. Three, to raise awareness about a condition that doesn’t necessarily deserve a negative stigma.  “We have your results, and yourContinue reading “A Diagnosis and its Lesson”

What To Do When You Feel Stuck

The rainbow lit up my hand and lingered there for a moment. I had been so immersed in a deadline for work that I didn’t realize sunlight was streaming through the window, making the hanging prisms scatter tiny rainbows across the room. As I typed, the colorful streak kept traveling back to my hand — its placement a beautiful reminderContinue reading “What To Do When You Feel Stuck”

The Struggle IS Real.

{Guest post by Sarah Yanagi. Original post appeared at bit.ly/thestruggleisreal.} To put the content of this blog post, and how incredibly important I think it is for today’s culture, into greater context, I feel it necessary to tell you this: What you are currently reading is my fifth or sixth attempt to craft/convey these ideas.Continue reading “The Struggle IS Real.”