Who Cares if You Miss a Workout?

“Don’t look. I’m going to order the pasta.” “Sorry you didn’t see me and my rolls at the gym this morning.” People have said these things to me. I usually force a polite laugh and quickly change the subject. Because the truth is I don’t care if you miss a workout. Or if you accidentally faceplant into a slice of chocolate cake. Let me be more clear: I care, but not in a judgmental way. What I don’t care to do is entertain the idea that there is any room for guilt or shame related to when you exercise or how you eat. As a health coach/wellness enthusiast/whatever you want to call me, I’m not your boss nor your keeper. I am your advocate in every sense of the word. I root for your health and want you to embrace and explore every ebb and flow in the journey — including the times you “fall off the wagon.” Question those moments especially. Scoop out the guilt and replace it with grace. Lean into the exploration. Talk to someone. In all honesty, taking a couple weeks off isn’t such a big deal when fitness and proper nutrition are core to your typical lifestyle. Here’s a gem of a tip from the Girls Gone Strong community:

To avoid the “all or nothing mindset,” think of eating well and exercising not in days and weeks, but in months and years. What’s more important is, are you still going to be eating well and exercising 6 months from now? 5 years from now? 20 years from now?

I’d love to hear from you! Do you typically feel guilty when you “fall off the wagon”? Did this help shift your perspective? Comment below or let me know on Instagram (@gemperspective).



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