Hope in a Coffee Cup

I started drinking water out of a coffee mug to calm me down. It began with a particularly stressful week at work. And so one day, I took a chubby white coffee mug out of the cupboard and filled it with water. A few gulps later, and I felt better. Lighter. It probably had something to do with pairing the soothing ritual of coffee with the life-giving necessity of water. I’m not sure. But it got me thinking…emotional wellness, while a journey of constant renewal, is often just a simple step away. It’s the two minutes you take to stare out the window and notice the wind moving through trees. It’s letting yourself laugh at corny jokes you think are hilarious even when no one else does. It’s the time you spent at the gym this morning. It’s bringing a meal to someone who needs it. It’s allowing yourself to feel hopeful when others feel despair. It’s watching the sunset with your family. It’s popping open a bottle of champagne just because it’s Tuesday. It’s complimenting the person who bags your groceries. It’s drinking water from a coffee mug.

I’d love to hear from you! How do you pursue emotional wellness? Comment below or let me know on Instagram (@gemperspective).


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